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  • 英语听力短文27 A Baffling Sculpture (1)

    He took the No. 1 train to Columbia University. He explored the campus. There were many sculptures. The sculpture at Greene Hall was massive. The sculpture was about 10 yards high and wide. It sat on 阅读全文

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      Describe a friend in your school time or whom you like most.   You should say:   Who he/she is.   When you became friends.   How he/she influences you.   Why you like him/her.   1.   a) I mad阅读全文

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    2 The law of club and tooth 2 暴力原则 Buck’s first day at Dyea Beach was terrible. Every hour there was some new, frightening surprise. There was no peace, no rest—only continual noise an阅读全文

  • Lenka - Here to Stay

      [ar:Lenka]  [ti:here to stay]  [00:12.22]I don't know anymore  [00:15.72]I don't know what  [00:17.14]I've been fighting for  [00:19.78]But something inside  [00:21.46] me won't go q阅读全文

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