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Describe a way of staying healthy.
You should say:·what the way is for you to keep healthy

  • 云顶网站在线登录where you often do it

  • who you do it with

  • 云顶网站在线登录And explain why you think doing this is healthy.

云顶网站在线登录To be frank, I live in an unhealthy way of life, always stay up late and sleep over, but the only thing I do to keep fit is yoga I suppose. Yoga is a kind of aerobic exercise from ancient India, and I have kept doing it in the gym nearby my place for about 3 years. I go to the gym 4 times a week, and do yoga one hour and a half for every time. So actually, I have been very familiar with the instructors and other mates in the gym. Most people regard yoga as female exercise, but there are two middle-aged men in my class as well, and we also got an Indian male instructor two years ago. So actually it is not a sport only for females. The benefits of doing yoga for me are various. For one thing, we often do yoga in very high temperature, and it helps us sweat and promote our progress of metabolism. For another, I think yoga could be the best way for us girls to keep a nice figure. But most essentially, I enjoy doing yoga coz I can always get myself totally relaxed in every slow move, it helps me to get inner peace when I adjust my breath with the smooth actions in the ethereal music.




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