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高中英语作文·“师”从电脑还是师从真人? Both Computers and Teachers






英语作文的输出需要大量的积累、不断的练习,期间模仿的重要性不可小觑。以下是小编整理的关于高中英语作文云顶网站在线登录·“师”从电脑还是师从真人? Both Computers and Teachers的资料,希望对你有所帮助!

Computers are widely used today in education causing some people to think that one day computers will completely replace teachers in the classroom. What is your opinion about computers replacing teachers in the future?


Both Computers and Teachers

云顶网站在线登录It is obvious that computers are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the education process. The development of sophisticated software has produced a vast array of user-friendly learning aids to benefit both students and teachers. However, the cost factor for using this technology in the classroom can represent a problem for some schools. Therefore, I believe that both computers and teachers are necessary.

云顶网站在线登录One of the important benefits of computer-aided learning is that it allows the students to study at their own paces by going back over the information to acquire a proper understanding. This gives the teacher a better insight into a student’s ability and recognition of the areas that are of concern. Another benefit is that learning software can utilise all three learning techniques of hearing, seeing and doing which greatly reinforces acquisition. One of the difficulties in adopting the use of computers is in the selection of the most suitable software programs from the huge variety available. The selection process should involve verifying the accuracy of the information used in the program and confirmation of the program’s effectiveness from practical experience. Computer-aided learning does seem to be the way of the future but I cannot see that it should ever become a stand-alone process. Computers are not perfect and there is nothing like having a teacher on hand to provide practical help when needed.

In conclusion, computers and teachers are both necessary in the classroom because they complement each other for the benefit of the students. (249 words)


1.Computers can assist the educational process in many different ways.
云顶网站在线登录 计算机可以在很多方面辅助教学活动。

2.User-friendly software can be very beneficial as a learning aid for students and teachers.

3.Computer technology can represent a considerable cost for some schools.

4.Selecting the most suitable programs for use in the classroom can be difficult.

5.Most computer learning programs are made easier with help from a teacher.


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