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话题五:计划与理想 Writing 6 高考英语高分范文1






Writing 6  请描述你的梦想,为了实现你的梦想,你将如何准备?


云顶网站在线登录Everyone has his own dream.Born in a family where my father takes up the course of scientific research,I dreamed of being a distinguished chemist in my childhood.

云顶网站在线登录I am eager to become a chemist who knows everything about chemistry and has the ability to produce lots of new materials and medicines to help people live a better life.Also,I dream of being a creative chemist who discovers all the mystery of the unknown chemistry world and writes the new chapters of the chemical research.

To become such a perfect chemist,I have been sparing no effort to achieve my dream.I have been studying chemistry extremely hard since I was a junior high school student and now I have already studied many textbooks for university students.I know it clearly that the essence of chemistry is in experiments,so I will lay more emphasis on chemistry experiments in the future.Of course,I am determined to choose chemistry as my major despite the objection of my parents and I will devote my whole life to chemistry whatever happens.Also,I have decided to pursue my dream abroad after the basic study in China for a better atmosphere of research as well as the more advanced equipment.

云顶网站在线登录It is this earliest dream in my life that supports me to always strive for my bright future.I will always march ahead to chase my life-time dream and never regret.I will throw away all the prophecies,laziness and carelessness to keep my promise and go all out to become an outstanding chemist.


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