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中小学英语诵读名篇65 The Champa Flower 金色花





65 The Champa Flower 金色花

Supposing I became a champa flower, just for fun, and grew on a branch high up that tree, and shook in the wind with laughter and danced upon the newly budded leaves, would you know me, mother?

云顶网站在线登录 You would call, “Baby, where are you?” and I should laugh to myself and keep quite quiet.

I should slyly open my petals and watch you at your work.

云顶网站在线登录 When after your bath, with wet hair spread on your shoulders, you walked through the shadow of the champa tree to the little court where you say your prayers, you would notice the scent of the flower, but not know that it came from me.

云顶网站在线登录 When after the midday meal you sat at the window reading.

Ramayana, and the tree’s shadow fell over your hair and your lap, I should fling my wee little shadow on to the page of your book, just where you were reading.

云顶网站在线登录 But would you guess that it was the tiny shadow of your little child?

When in the evening you went to the cow-shed with the lighted lamp in your hand, I should suddenly drop on to the earth again and be your own baby once more, and beg you to tell me a story.

“Where have you been, you naughty child?”

云顶网站在线登录 “I won’t tell you, mother.” That’s what you and I would say then.

云顶网站在线登录 ﹝印﹞泰戈尔(Rabindranath Tagore)


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