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BreakingNews·201215-Metal detecting finds ancient treasure in U.K.

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Metal detecting finds ancient treasure in U.K.

The British Museum in the U.K. has reported record levels of historical discoveries this year. People have found more than 47,000 objects with metal detectors. Metal detecting is a big hobby in the U.K. Many people go out in the countryside to try and find old coins and other treasure. This year, more people have been metal detecting. This is because of the coronavirus. Metal detecting is a good hobby that means social distancing is very easy. People have been recording their finds on an app on the British Museum's website. The U.K. Culture Minister said: "It is brilliant to see the [app] growing from strength to strength during lockdown thanks to garden discoveries and digital reporting."

The British Museum said people have dug up many exciting and interesting things this year. Perhaps the best find among the new discoveries are two hoards of coins. One of the hoards contained 50 South African solid gold coins found 50 miles northwest of London. The other coin hoard contained gold coins and one silver coin featuring the British kings Edward IV and Henry VIII. Experts believe they were buried in the 16th century. Another find was an ancient Roman furniture fitting made of copper. It featured the face of the god Oceanus and dates to AD 43-200. The British Museum said the app, "ensures finds, important for understanding Britain's past, are not lost but instead recorded".


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