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 So it was a little bit tragic. Maybe there are these people on the other side of London and we’re dreaming of each other but we'll never be able to meet after all, because the website didn’t work! If you just try and date people through the internet and meet them, you don’t really know how you would be when you were interacting. You might not really get on as well as you might think you would. But when you’re at a speed dating event everybody is there to meet other people who are single. Although some people are there just for fun as well, it’s not a really serious thing like 'will you marry me' it’s just, 'we’re out for a good time' and that just makes the whole event more fun. So people are sort of open to talking and it doesn’t feel awkward like if you had a blind date or something and you’re left alone with one person for a whole meal. It's much more relaxed, you can just talk to loads of people and get loads of new contacts in no time.


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